Home Adaptations

1. What do people not like about home adaptations currently?

– Intrusive and ugly – need to make more attractive designs

– Make you stand out – have stigma attached

– This can impact on your safety, others know you are vulnerable

– People don’t want to plan ahead for what might happen

– Need to change culture

– Cost of more attractive equipment is too high – not enough choice


– 3D printers to design adaptations that match your home

– Can we adapt other items that are not specifically “assisted-living” related rather than pay the extra premium on those items labelled – if we do a design competition this could be around using non assisted-living home items and adapting them

– Need more information on non-assisted living items for the home that can replace more expensive options

– Need good design

– Stop thinking of adaptations for people with disabilities – they are for everyone

– Need cultural role models to remove stigma – including in soap operas, e.g. why can’t all the houses in coronation street have grab rails outside?

– People are more likely to make changes if see them in other peoples houses first, families could do that to encourage others

2. What are the challenges on accessing adaptations?

– Shops should stock adaptations but it shouldn’t even be recognised as an adaptation, just built in to everyday items

– Need good design for shops to make changes

– Design for all ages


– Get a new design first then bring that into shops

– Need only one shop on board to inspire others

– Kingfisher – is the umbrella body for B&Q, Screwfix etc.

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